Monday, December 1, 2014

Self Creation: Nietzche's Challenge Our Decision

For some, going against societal norms seems odd, scary, and/or downright crazy. Instead of appreciating and respecting the courage it takes for someone to be original, many in our society will diagnose your originality as craziness and dismiss you.
Nietzche argued that we should live our lives in an artistic way. We should be the Plato to our Socrates; in other words: author the kind of life for yourself that you could live over and over again forever.

Too many struggle (at an existential  level) to fit into prefabricated molds, yet they're too afraid to be themselves. From an archeological perspective we have uniforms that identify us. There's a set of presuppositions that come with our appearance and attire. Personal catastrophe is a certainty for those who don't fit neatly into societies boxes, yet lack the knowledge of self to understand that conformity is a trap.

Sigmund Freud once said that Nietzche knew more about himself than any man who ever lived. Our biggest obstacle in accepting Nietzche's challenge of self creation is looking inside of ourselves and accepting our shortcomings and weaknesses. We should view our limitations for what they are: a constitutive part of who we are. Our attributes, positive and negative, don't define us; they offer glimpses into certain aspects of our character.

Strength, confidence, and courage are necessary armaments along the path of self discovery. The journey inside ourselves is supposed to be lonley: we're looking for someone who has never existed. There will always be people who won't understand you: don't waste too much of your time and energy on them. For too many the dream of being socially accepted turns into a nightmare. My advice would be to walk real cool and enjoy the things that make you happy. In the end authenticity maybe the only thing that can liberate us from the shackles of social pressure.