Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Few Quick Thoughts

There are times I want to write, but can't focus on a single theme. When this happens I jot down some thoughts and try to figure out which ones would be the most enjoyable to research and write about. Here are some of today's topics.

1. Paul Manafort's crimes would have never been discovered if he didn't accept a job from Donald Trump. This is true for Rick Gates, General Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and the rest of the good folks who have already plead guilty to the crimes they were indicted on.

2. Many of the same people accusing kids from Parkland High School of being "crisis actors" also thought Obama was trying to spread Ebola. Coincidentally, they also thought he was going to usher in Sharia law, take their guns, and send them to FEMA camps. They have been wrong about everything.

3. Benjamin Netanyahu is probably guilty of the corruption and bribery charges levelled against him, but like former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell: he will walk. Power has and always will be treated differently by the law.

4. On the low, I'm glad the Feds have started investigating and indicting doctors for the part they have played in creating Opioid addiction. If America really wants to send a message they will start conducting raids on country clubs where the big drug deals happen.

5. I'm not impressed with the Black Panther critiques​ offered by a majority of the overly "woke" community. They have found fault in every aspect of this movie. I wish this film would have been released in print: that would have cut the social media noise traffic by 90%. Yes, Wakanda is fictional. We know Disney and Marvel are getting paid. If you can make a better movie do it. We will buy a ticket.

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