Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Thanks For Your Support!

Thoughtwrestler turned 5 years old today! In its first year my blog got 4,000 page views. These days, I can get that many clicks in a week. My little blog is still a "failure" by society's standards, but I have had my work published and cited across a variety of publications. I have met and interviewed politicians, celebrities, and academicians. I'm not where I want to be, but I can look back and see progress.

The moral of the story: keep pushing. Don't allow the secular myths of popularity, approval, or acceptances limit you. Don't wait for ANYONE to validate your vision. If you see yourself doing something do it. Most people never make it because they are afraid of failing in public. Don't be this kind of failure. Be the kind of failure that can look back at your efforts and be proud. No one can decide how hard you work. No one can make your dreams a reality.

Thanks for your support! I appreciate all of the reads, likes, and shares. This has been a blessing! Salute!


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