Sunday, June 24, 2018

We Killed The Church

I'm not a religious zealot looking to convert the masses. I will make the introduction and witness to you, but the rest is your business. I'm much worse than those constantly proselytizing to the masses. I'm a Christian naive enough to expect Christians to love folks. I have never found the right balance between rage and Grace.

The last few years have been incredibly frustrating. I really don't know what, if any, role I have in this Kingdom building endeavor. I will never pretend to be a perfect person and I will never ignore bigotry and ignorance. These two fatal flaws almost eliminate me from preaching.

I am so disenchanted with the state of the church. I don't know what to do. I know a lot of great pulpit lecturers and entertainers, but very few members of the clergy who are willing to take a stand. I'm disappointed with pastors who profess to believe in a risen God who was crucified, but are too scared of upsetting their congregations to preach the truth to them.

I don't think the church can be saved. We did this to ourselves. We can blame the Atheist, the Agnostics, or worshippers of other religions, but they aren't the ones who made us trade our religious convictions for the idols of money, nationalism, politics, and race.

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