Wednesday, December 26, 2018

#TwoSentenceHorrorStory: A Genre

In honor of Jordan Peele's newest film "Us". I wanted to venture into the realm of horror. I'm not a particularly good fiction writer, but I've liked the two-sentence horror story format since it burst on the social media scene in early 2013. Most of my early “stories” weren’t very scary or good, but these were worth sharing.

1) After six hours of trying, all he accomplished was getting his leg stuck further in the trap. The temperature was falling, the wolves were howling and he only had one bullet left.

2) Lisa was terrified by the soft sounds coming from her grandparents’ Victrola. The electric company shut the power off two days ago and her brother had claimed all of the records for himself.

3) Connor convinced himself the Homecoming pep rally was his best chance to make them finally leave him alone. As soon as the band stopped playing, he reached in his backpack.

4) She was everything he dreamed of: drop dead gorgeous, rich, intelligent and caring. He didn’t want to kill her husband, but how else could they be together?

5) They read all of articles and watched all of the videos; they sought counseling. None of it stopped their daughter from hanging another cat.

6) He didn’t know he was a cutter until he ran out of people to torture. Down two fingers and holding the knife against his pinky, he knew he had to go hunting.

7) She arrogantly yelled, "Let me speak to the manager." LaQuisha responded, "I'm the owner Susan."

8) They no longer trusted the universities, the media or their own instincts. Reality was changing right before our eyes and we powerless to do anything about it.

9) Holding his breath until he passed out no longer worked. He would wake up and they would be standing over him.

10) They raised their glasses high into the air before the toast. Everyone was so optimistic about 2019, but deep down they knew it would be another year like the others.

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