Friday, March 9, 2018

My #DayOnes

My real #DayOnes know I started this twelve years ago hustling computer time in prison.

My real #DayOnes know my early work was full of punctuation and grammatical errors.

My real #DayOnes know I have always written about subject matter most people would rather ignore.

My real #DayOnes know I wrote thousands of articles, editorials, and blog posts before I ever made a dime.

My real #DayOnes know I've gotten more support from people outside my circle than those in it.

My real #DayOnes know how many times people tried to get me to quit.

My real #DayOnes never let an article about race, class, religion, or politics affect our friendship.

My real #DayOnes know how much time and energy I've invested in my writing and public speaking engagements.

My real #DayOnes know I have been harassed and threatened over this. 

My real #DayOnes know I will never sellout the causes I advocate for. 

My real #DayOnes know where I started and how many obstacles I've faced to get here.

My real #DayOnes know this isn't a game.

My real #DayOnes know how much I've lost and gained because of this. 

My real #DayOnes didnt need my work to be endorsed or validated to support it.

My real #DayOnes know I'm going to do this until I close my eyes.

Writing is more than an interest, hobby, or part of my occupation. I write because the world is tragic. Yes, there is great beauty in life. Yes, there are people and ideas worth loving, protecting, and even dying for. But for some people, the fact that today will be followed by tomorrow is a great tragedy. This reality is depressing. Most people avoid dealing with this fact. They say, "why focus on things you can't change?" I say: why ignore them? 

If I didn't start writing when I did, I would be in prison or dead. This isn't hyperbole. I know what it means to hurt and be hurt. I know what it means to be on both sides of a loaded gun. My inward journey was/is a direct consequence of writing. I do this because my soul won't allow me to do otherwise. We are who we are. Some of us are just more honest and accepting of this fact.