Thursday, March 1, 2018

Now That You're Woke, What's Next?

Black communities across the county have been decimated by drugs, violence, and the socioeconomic hardships that accompany underground economies. We have studied and understood the how and why this happened, but what are we doing to reverse the genocide of our people? Have we given up on large scale projects that can really affect change in our communities?

It's easier to attack someone's beliefs, sexual identity, and/or ideas with ad hominem attacks than it is to see someone who is radically different from you as an equal. Too many Conscious people are invested in creating false social hierarchies. We don't have to build our thrones from the broken bodies of other Black people. Besides applauding each other for being woke and castigating others who are still "asleep", what are we doing to improve the lives of Black children who haven't been born yet?

Now that we are woke, what can we do tomorrow morning to make tangible changes to the society and culture we inherited?

Please don't say pool our money together. Y'all know damn well ain't nobody putting money in an account they can't control.

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